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Camp Springs, MD
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Central Baptist Church is supported totally by your tithes and offerings.

Using a secure online process via PayPal, Central Baptist Church of Camp Springs (CBCCS) makes it easy to submit your tithes and offerings even when you’re unable to attend church due to vacation, business trip or perhaps you've moved. Whatever the reason, you can still rejoice in the miracle of giving and receiving by clicking on the button below and sending your tithes and offerings online.

The payment gateway CBCCS uses is PayPal. PayPal is a very secure online funds transfer system. The system is so secure that CBCCS doesn't even get your credit card information. You can send any amount you would like up to $2,000. If your tithe or offering exceeds $2,000 you can send up to $2,000 per day until your tithe or offering has been given.

To begin giving today, please complete the form below. 


As you give, do so with a joyful heart, as you say:
"Divine love, through me, blesses and multiplies all that I am,
all that I have, all that I give, and all that I receive."
And so it is!


Complete the form and submit to pay offerings via PayPal. Thank you for your donation.