Each member of Central Baptist Church of Camp Springs is assigned a deacon who is there to serve your needs. If you should need to contact your deacon to ask for prayer, assistance with an issue within the church, or some other church-related issue, please use the list below. Each member is assigned a deacon according to the first letter of your last name: 
    Assignment                          Deacon                                          Telephone


A                          Deacon Burnut Lane                          301-932-4551  
BA – BROOKS Deacon Vincent Hill  301-861-9531
BROW – BZ Deacon Charlie Campbell  301-868-9318
CA – CLARK Deacon James Hauser                       301-283-5344 
CLE – CY Deacon Carl Linton 703-339-5871
D Deacon Preston Jones 301-423-6918
E Deacon Robert DuPree 202-575-3036
F Deacon Robert DuPree 202-575-3036
G Deacon Melvin Ross. 301-856-3782
HA – HEB Deacon Henry Pulley 301-297-5836
HEC – HY Deacon Walter Williams 301-856-7336
I Deacon Henry Pulley 301-297-5836
JA – JOK Deacon Preston Jones 301-423-6918
JOL – JOY Deacon Charlie Campbell  301-868-9318
K Deacon Francis Bryant 202-498-0447
L Deacon Dennis Blake. 301-297-7491
M Deacon Billy Larry     301-893-1269
O Deacon Melvin Ross  301-856-3782
P Deacon Lindsay Williams  301-627-2864
  Deacon Harold Reddick  202-498-3099
Q Deacon Walter Williams 301-856-7336
R Deacon Clifford Hendking  301-843-1743
SA – SM Deacon Chester Williams   301-423-6867
SN – SY Deacon Rudolph Hodges  301-599-7543
T Deacon Francis Bryant 202-498-0447
U Deacon Roger Hooker  301-343-1036
V Deacon Burnut Lane  301-932-4551
WA – WH Deacon George Watkins 301-423-0315
WI – WU Deacon Walter Weaver 202-678-1642
Y Deacon Clifford Hendking  301-843-1743
Z Deacon Preston Jones 301-423-6918